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A New Approach

Here at Inhabit, we understand that staying ahead of your real estate competition is a challenge. Software tools can give you an edge. But finding the right one is never easy. Until now! PREZIO provides everything you need to enhance your online branding and extend your audience reach in one, easy to use package.

Your goal as an agent is to maximise your appraisal to listing conversions. This means standing out from the crowd and delivering the highest standards of service at all times. From providing a proposal that can’t be matched, sending client’s a desirable pre-list or creating the perfect attention-grabbing listing spotlight, you need to be on top of it all. PREZIO is designed to provide the tools you need to deliver that exceptional service every time.

Created by a team with a combined 60 years of industry experience, insight and understanding, PREZIO is the culmination of real estate specialisation and the pinnacle of real estate technology today. Using state-of-the-art design, PREZIO is a digital toolbox built to provide the solutions you need as a real estate professional. Supporting you every step of the way, PREZIO delivers the foundation for your success, while you focus on listing and selling.

With our cutting-edge technology in place, you have all our experience and insight working for you, helping to achieve your goals. Your success is our success.


The next generation toolset

As markets become more volatile, you need all the support you can get. PREZIO is our full-service, powerful online marketing toolbox for real estate professionals, designed to deliver everything you need for success.

PREZIO streamlines your workflow, allowing you to impress clients with a listing pre-list just minutes after arranging an appraisal meeting.

PREZIO creates superbly designed, professional listings proposals that stand out from the competition. Confidently discuss your marketing and ideas with clients with fully customisable designs you can quickly tailor to their needs.

A comprehensive feature set combined with ease of use will boost your reputation and deliver exceptional performance for your clients.

Success The Prezio Way

  • 1

    Listing Pre-List

    A perfect solution to introduce yourself and set the standard for other agents to follow. An ideal way to begin the listing process.

  • 2


    An opportunity to put your competition on notice and highlight your committment to your profession. A personalised proposal helps you stand out in the crowd.

  • 3


    Value added pages that help increase and track engagement. These pages incorporate social media campaigns, nett worth information or appraisal request.

  • 4

    Listing Spotlight

    Every vendor deserves the best from their agent. You can easily offer them superior service to help maximise their return with minimum effort.

Burton & Ryan

We were looking at a new way to deliver our pre-list kits and proposals to our clients, when we discovered PREZIO. I have been extremely happy with the platform, the flexibility in creating unique and customised information for our clients and the ease of the system. We have received outstanding feedback from our clients and believe it has put us ahead in winning listings. Michelle has been amazing and the support is 10/10 and so is the product. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, although I would rather our competitors not know about it!

Ryan Hoelzl (Principal & Director)

Prezio Pre-List

Fully featured and easily customised for any client’s needs and expectations, the PREZIO pre-list is an incredible tool. It allows any real estate professional to deliver a listing pre-list in minutes via email or text, highlighting your dedication and setting standards few others can match.

By providing the pre-list so soon after arranging an appraisal, it shows every client that you are on top of their needs. With this tool in your arsenal, you can out-work the competition, bringing in more listings and ultimately selling more properties.

With a range of features, it can incorporate all kinds of data, including success stories, active buyer database, your own profile and achievements, market updates and custom generated suburb profiles.

Create the right blend of content that works for you and your client in just a few clicks, you won’t fail to impress.

Sample Pre-List


Prezio Proposal

The Prezio Proposal incorporates impressive features such as a CMA that takes advantage of 3rd party integrations and smart tips on how to present your property to achieve maximum results. The proposal can be as detailed or condensed as needed.

Each section in the master proposal has been selected to showcase your professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm.

It is easy to create and extraordinarily simple to share with your clients. The proposal is responsive so looks as amazing on a mobile device as it does on a computer. If your vendor was impressed by the pre-list, then they will be blown away by your proposal. There is simply no competition.

You can either use the professionally created Proposal and add a few personal touches, of you can use it as inspiration to craft your own.

Sample Proposal

RE/MAX Regency

Prezio has allowed me to take my business to the next level by creating my listing proposals online; in just a few clicks I have created a professional and thorough website to present to my clients using the latest industry data all from the one platform.  The design of Prezio has been created with the busy agent in mind, being flexible for quick modifications along with being easy to use – the live link updates instantly for my clients and can be viewed on all devices. It is an unreal presentation tool and now a systematic part of my business.

Stuart Legg (Award Winning Agent)

Prezio Lead Generation

The goal of any lead generation tool is to capture the interest of suitable parties and convert them into leads. This can be done in many ways, including:

  • Newsletter Signups
  • Free Appraisal Offers
  • Landing Page email interest forms
  • Web Site optimisation
  • Previous Clients

The PREZIO lead generation tool provides an opportunity to maximise every opportunity by capturing every lead.

Sample Forms


Prezio Listing Spotlight

Quickly create a stunning listing microsite for any property that excites sellers and grabs the attention of any buyer. Microsites allow you to focus your marketing strategy for maximum effect.

Create a bespoke, beautiful listing in just a few minutes with no coding required. Just link the listing, decide on a template and promote the microsite, easy as 1,2,3.

Every microsite is responsive, so it looks great even on smaller screens. Your clients always get a fantastic viewing experience wherever they may be.

Sample Site

Growing Your Wealth

Maximise Investor Return on Capital

  • 1

    Rental Presentation

    Show Investors you take maintaining and growing their investment seriously and are committed to your profession.

  • 2

    Rental Spotlight

    Treat each rental property uniquely with it's own microsite that highlights the properties features in the best possible light.

  • 3

    Tenants Obligation

    Explain tenants responsibily in a clear and concise format, helping to minimise rental loss and maximise rental return.


Prezio Rental Presentation

With PREZIO, you can now send any potential investor a comprehensive, professionally crafted presentation for each property. The presentation highlights the work your team will do to maximise rental returns while minimising expense.

The flexible presentation design allows you to add in any relevant information you may wish. This could be the full range of services offered for rental management or a shorter list of highlights to grab attention.

Features that can be added include a list of your team members through to office policies and processes, along with marketing expectations. The professional look and clear details will help win that rental and grow your business.

Sample Presentation

Holiday / Executive Rental Promotion

Give your holidaymakers an opportunity to get a real feel for the property, PREZIO is the perfect way to promote your holiday rentals.

With the ability to add links to booking software, you can streamline the process making it easier to book an unforgettable holiday.

Sample Holiday Rental Promotion

Setting expectations

Prezio Tenant's Guide

Provide clear, detailed information about your tenant’s obligations when renting through your business with PREZIO. Record their acceptance, store safely in their tenant file, and ensure all parties are well informed from day one.

Our cutting-edge technology helps you look after investor’s interests and manage rentals more effectively, maximising returns and minimising hassle.

Highlands Private Holidays

Thank you so much Inhabit for creating Prezio. It has opened so many opportunities for our boutique holiday rental portfolio. Easy to use and great support from your team.

Belinda Williams (Holiday Rental Manager)
Strengthen your online brand

Prezio Staff Profile

Strengthen your brand and create a connection with your audience using our PREZIO Staff Profile website. Easily add a range of features, including current listings, sales record, testimonials and awards. 

Stand out from the crowd and show your expertise to boost client engagement.

Sample Agent Spotlight

Thank You

For your Time

We understand you are busy and appreciate the time you have taken to read this presentation on PREZIO. To view more about PREZIO, please visit the PREZIO website.

As a side note, what you have just read has been created using PREZIO. Although we designed PREZIO to be used for Proposals, Pre-lists and other essential real estate functions, it's flexible enough to allow your imagination to take over. PREZIO has also been used to promote holiday/executive rentals to prospective holidaymakers, acceptance of tenancy obligations prior to commencing a tenancy agreement and buyer submissions.

We hope we have sparked your interest and look forward to chatting soon. 

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Salesperson Website + Listing Spotlight

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Rental Presentation + Rental Spotlight

$22.00 (inc GST) per agent

Lead Generation

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